Turning ideas 💡 into real software 📱.
Welcome, I am

Nicolás Pujía


Who am I?

I am a software developer from Argentina who likes to create innovative apps & video games.

I started my journey by making any kind of stuff with Python, including games, web scraping, automation scripts, backend, GUIs, and more↗ . After that, I learned Godot because I was interested in making mobile games. Later, I moved to Flutter to create high-performance applications (not like Python ones), which is what I mainly do now.

With every project I start, I seek to improve and create something new, always challenging myself a little bit more.

What have I built?


Biome Fighters

Prototype of a 1v1 online multiplayer platform fighter game with more than just two platforms.

  • Godot
  • Python / FastAPI
  • MongoDB

Game Finder

App to find new games to play. Search by filters or by similar game.

  • Flutter
  • AdMob

Dodge the Push

Mobile game in which you have to avoid, moving horizontally, obstacles that come from above.

  • Flutter / Flame Engine
  • Play Games API
  • AdMob

Want to talk?

Have a project in mind or just want to say hello? Feel free to reach me out!

You can contact me by email at [email protected].